AutoMATIC mode

When a subscription is created, an automatic process starts.

A subscription is periodically settled and relies on the model determined by the IntervalUnit and IntervalCount parameters.

The first transaction, that could be a 3DS one, and that is equivalent to the first part of a subscription, can be:

  • Done when the subscription is created (by default)
  • Done later with the startingDate parameter

Note : if the first transaction fails when a subscription is created, the subscription is cancelled and nothing happens.

The following transactions will be launched at the begining of each subsequent period. Those transactions cannot be 3D secure as the cardholder cannot interact to approve the payment.

For each new period (the first one and the following ones), an invoiceitem and an invoice are automatically created for the subscription. At this stage a hook (INVOICE_CREATED) is triggered and send to the merchant.

Note : a transaction will be managed if our platform receives back a HTTP 200 answer from this event at the time indicated by the merchant (in the set up parameters). An option allows the merchant to switch off the HTTP 200 back.

The merchant can perform manual actions between the receipt of the event and the triggering of the transaction.