CentralPay services

CentralPay proposes a full services payment platform that allows you to integrate very easily and smoothly complex payment functionalities thanks to a few lines of code.

CentralPay is a Full Services payment platform covering all the needs of clients, platforms or marketplaces wishing to implement complex payment services integrated into their business offers or processes without having to bear the technical or operational constraints.

Depending on the payment functionalities you want to integrate and your technical knowledge, you either choose between those two methods:

  • Integrating a payment page hosted by CentralPay and accessible thanks to an Iframe : SMART FORM
  • Using the API directly to create your own payment forms : CUSTOM FORM

Doing so, you can access to advanced functionalities and create a customized payment experience corresponding to your usage.

As transactions security is a crucial part of the process, CentralPay has developed a unique technology that detects fraudulent transactions without taking the risk of losing your sales.

Our platform is composed of the four following elements :

  • An API REST composed of objects delivering payment services
  • A portal, back office, allowing a complete management of the overall services
  • Entities, "users profiles", owning rights on payment accounts or electronic-money
  • A subscription service allowing payment account or e-money creation integrating regulatory controls.