The customer object

A customer object is the logical representation of your customer that is equivalent to a container of means of payment. In other words, you can store several cards that will all have a cardId. The customer object has the main advantage of collecting all the transactions that have been carried out on a customer:

  • Transaction
  • Refund
  • Chargeback
  • Subscription

Thanks to this object, one or more cards can be associated allowing you to keep the payment data without having to store the card numbers in your databases.

A customer is identified by his email, surname and first name. You can associate payment means, in other words cards, in order to carry out recurring payments:

  • 1 clic payment
  • Subscription payment
  • X multi payment - installment

The customer has no longer need to be asked to re-enter his card number once registered in his customer profile.

Tip: please be careful not to register twice the same card as it would add more time to the customer object query.