The enrollment process

The enrollment process is based on the collection and verification of documents that identify the organization holding a payment account. This process is handled by the onboarding API. It includes a white label portal that facilitates exchanges between the future account holder and Centralpay for the collection of supporting documents.  During the enrollment process or during the life of the business relationship, the compliance department may request additional information. These requests will then be sent by Centralpay, either in the form of an e-mail directly to the cardholder, or to the partner's platform in the form of a WebHook if the partner wishes to control the process on its side.

Each enrolment is necessarily preceded by an enrolment request that can be made either through the API or from the Backoffice.

The common core of this application is the pre-submission of known user profile information.

The enrolment request allows the pre-submission of the following elements :

  • Preparation of the user profile : 
    • First name
    • Last name
    • Email
    • Phone
    • Birth date
    • Birth city
    • Birth country
  • Preparing to choose the type of account : 
    • Unknown
    • Company, association, public sector, ...
      • Name of the legal entity
      • Seniority
      • Cash flow forecast
    • Autoentrepreneur, craftsman, shopkeeper, ...
      • Cash flow forecast
    • Individual
      • Cash flow forecast
  • Choice of the workflow mode :
    • Continuous
    • Sequential

This information is used to define the risk class and therefore the necessary information collection. The user can then connect to the portal according to the integration mode chosen by the partner (see below).

Two enrollment modes are available depending on the partner's needs.

The continuous workflow is linear. It ensures that all documents are collected before the payment account is created.

The sequential workflow introduces an intermediate step before the collection of the identity documents, the signature of the TOS and thus allows to create a payment account not active before the collection of the documents. This collection can nevertheless be done in the same process or later if the user does not have them with him. This workflow makes it easier to refer a sub-merchant to a marketplace since no personal documents are required. Sequential wrapping allows for express wrapping and instant wallet allocation.

The partner has the possibility to provide a SIREN number to the enrolment request, allowing an automatic recovery of the data of the legal entity or the individual entrepreneur from the services of the commercial court clerks. This service is faster and frictionless for the user. If the partner does not have the SIREN, the user can enter one on the relevant screen.

NB : If a SIREN is erroneous or does not match with a known reference, the user has 3 tries before switching to a manual mode. In this case, he will have to fill in the different information required by the conformity. In this type of enrolment, the data recompleted by our SIREN call will prevail over the completion of the data relating to the legal entity, throughout the enrolment.


Once the account status is confirmed, compliance performs checks on the account against the information given to verify the account.

If the enrolment is inaccurate at the beginning (especially on the workflow), a new enrolment will have to be done in order to lift the limits.