Generalities about the templates - Languages

At the creation of the template, you need to choose one or more languages. Dependant of the language of the receiver, the language of the template corresponding will be sent. If the language corresponding is not available, and the creator chose only one language, the template in this language will be used. If the creator chose multiple languages, the English one will be searched and sent. If the English one is not available, then the first language defined will be sent.

An example of adding multiple language :

To delete a language :



For each template a content for each language chosen is required. We recommend creating dynamic content with the use of the tags. Each tag begins with a “#” . Once you typed a “#”, the list of the available tags will be displayed. Each tag will be replaced by the personal information of the Transaction, Dispute or Installment Payment when the notification is sent.

Once the content typed you can visualize the final result with the tags replaced by example data. Please note if a problem occurs in the preview, the problem will occur in the real notification.

The tag system can be used in the three types of template (SMS, Email and Hook).

An example of creating content and preview :