How CentralPay answers your needs

Answering your needs, CentralPay allows you to build innovative offers integrating payment services.

For Platforms, CentralPay can help you with:

  • Integrating payment services in order to resell consolidated financial services in an existing offer.
    • Offer a centralized and full services payment system to your customers
    • Improve their collections thanks to the rich Rest API
    • Get the status of Payment Service Agent that allows you to bill financial services on your behalf.
  • Simply integrating new customers into your "Platform" without worrying about regulatory constraints (KYC, AML...).
    • Start registration processes on your servers and continue the enrollment from our environments, in white label and without redirection.
    • Have contracts signed electronically during the enrollment process
    • Integrate Single Sign On (SSO) solutions to centralize password management (end 2018).​
  • Automatically assigning payment values to your customers:
    • Define contractual business models with your customers and partners
    • Set these data on your points of sale
    • CentralPay splits the transactions and sends the correct amounts to the appropriate payment accounts

For large accounts, CentralPay can help you with:

  • Optimizing processes related to your points of sale collection (centralizing your acquisition, diversifying your collection means, increasing your conversion…).
  • Improving your customers payment experience by integrating payment processes in your services core and meeting specific objectives.
  • Automating follow up and reminders of your payment requests by specially designed scenarios.