CentralPay has been designed to meet company needs that process payment transactions as part of their business or wish to optimize their collection operations. They can use our technology to integrate advanced banking services without regulatory constraints or technological barriers.

Our goal : simplifying the entire processing chain facing banking processes complexities (KYC / AML) and security issues (PCI-DSS).

With CentralPay, you streamline and automate all your payment needs using a single service, a single API.

Create and manage currency accounts

Follow up payment
 requests thanks to scenarios

Manage wallets with real time transfer

Manage manual or programmed "payout" payments

Friendly use a CB / SEPA transfer payment solution perfectly adapted for Ecommerce and platforms

Secure third parties funds

Integrate regulatory enrollment and remote subscription to your services as white label

Check full reporting and IT implementation in real time

Secure your transactions with advanced anti-fraud algorithm based on AI