Manual mode

You able to execute manual actions at any time to modify the content in a cycle. Proceed this way:

  1. Create a InvoiceItem linked to an existing susbcription. It will be taken into account from the next invoice issued, whether it is created manually or automatically. It can also be directly linked to an invoice, but only if you use certain criteria (see API). This feature allows you to insert in the invoice a line with a positive amount (to increase the invoice amount) or a negative amount (in order to decrease the amount).
  2. Create an "out of period" invoice: the "periodic" invoices are already created by the "automatic" mode, which allows the merchant to create an invoice not included in that period.
  3. Delete an unprocessed InvoiceItem (not linked yet to an invoice)
  4. Cancel a subscription: either immediately or at the end of the current period
  5. Reactivate a subscription that has been identified as "cancelled" at the end of the current period
  6. Close an invoice: no more automatic transactions will be processed
  7. Re-open an invoice: this reactivates automatic transactions
  8. Trigger a payment on an invoice: transactions are made by the automatic system, but this action allows the merchant to immediately force a transaction. Referring to the automatic mode, these "manual" payments do not count as an attempt. This action can be done on a closed invoice.
  9. Update certain data (please refer to the API) of a SubscriptionModel, a subscription, an invoice or/and an InvoiceItem.