Modification and addition of the IBAN

The Centralpay account's change of IBAN require a stengthen verification procedure. Each holder has the possibility to change these parameters from the protected area of their account.

A triple validation is required : Identifier / Password, OTP Email, OTP SMS. However, if the holder is not able to access to the Centralpay interface to change the IBAN, the Centralpay Agent can do it for them. The IBAN change can be completed by following these steps :

1- Access to the holder account

Access to the holder account from the "Linked account"  menu

2- Create a new Bank Account

In the tab “Bank Accounts” click on “New Bank account” as the example below.

3- Complete the informations

Complete all the required informations :

  • Title
  • Owner name
  • Owner address
  • Iban
  • Bic
  • Currency
  • A copy of the Iban (this information is important beacause it helps Centralpay to judge of the consistency of the information provided)

4- The validation by Centralpay

Once these steps completed, the conformity department of Centralpay will check the informations and activate the Bank account.

  • If a document is declined, an email with the problems explained will be sent to you
  • If the document is accepted, the account will be created and added to the customer bank account


The customer or the agent have the possibility to set the account as the default account.