The enrollment service helps CentralPay Payment Service Agents and Business Introducers meeting their compliance and customer knowledge needs.

A number of downloadable documents are required during the enrollment process. These documents will make it possible to carry out pre-transaction customer checks (known as KYC – Know Your Customer), in accordance with the European anti-money laundering law. The list of required documents may vary depending on your country of incorporation.

Therefore Payment Service Agents and Business Introducers have the option of registering their customers in order to enable them to access the payment services they have developed.

To carry out these operations, CentralPay has designed a fully dematerialized enrollment service that can be remotely accessed from a dedicated portal accessible from a mobile or computer.

The enrollment service provides:

  • Collection of information and documents related to future account holders.
  • Verification of this information as part of our anti-money laundering and terrorist financing obligations.
  • The holder’s consent by electronic signature on service general terms of use and the pricing conditions of the Agent (or those of CentralPay for Business Introducers).