Order of rules exection

Rules are executed in an order to be defined. This order is important because as soon as a transaction complies with the criteria of a rule, the following rules will not be processed

Rules are executed in the order the interface list is posted. 
A position indicator is posted in each list. To switch the rule position, it is necessary to slide it to the required position.

Rules examples:

ALLOW if #amount < 1000 and #transactions_amount_daily < 10000

Explaination: this example authorises transactions whose amount is less than 100 if the sum amount of transactions from the day is less than 1000.

REFUSE if #risk_score > 3 or (#ip_regions = 'ASIA_PACIFIC' and #card_region = 'ASIA_ PACIFIC')

Explaination: this rule blocks payments if the risk score is over 3 or the IP used in addition to the region of issue of the card corresponds to the area 'ASIA_PACIFIC'.

THREE_D_SECURE if #card_country NOT IN ('FRA', 'USA', 'GBR') 

Explaination: this rule requests a 3D Secure transaction if the country of the card is not France, the United States or Great Britain.

ALLOW (#amount < 10000 and #transactions_amount_daily < 100000) or (#currency IN ('EUR', 'USD') and #transactions_amount_monthly < 1000000)

Explaination: the previous example AUTHORISES payments IF the amount is LESS THAN 100 AND the sum amount of transactions from the day is LESS THAN 10,000 OR the currency is € or $ AND the sum amount of transactions from the month is LESS THAN 100,000.