Overall view

PUSH & PAY allows issuance of payment requests driven by smart scenarios interacting with payers through “Push” notifications.

Push & Pay service is based on paymentRequest API function. The service is configurable from “Configuration” entry in CentralPay BackOffice.

It allows to :

  • Define payment notification scenarios or payment reminder
  • Create related email or SMS models
  • Configure Smart Forms that will be integrate into payment claims

Push & Pay allows you to integrate a large number of use cases from the simplest to the most complex : 

Multi-participants payments

Principles of multi-participants payments :

  • Each participant receives an e-mail or SMS notification detailing the subject of the service to pay
  • Amounts are set by the initiator or left free to each participant who pays the desired amount
  • The dates configured on request (creation, expiry...) allow to generate notifications to each participant

Combined payments on several payment methods

Principles of combined payments :

This service allows to use several payment methods to settle a transaction, for example :

  • Holiday voucher / credit card
  • Cashback FidelyPay / PayPal
  • CentralPay will reconcile all transactions to simplify the lettering sent to the merchant once the transaction is finalized
  • A customer is never partially debited, he must necessarily finalize his process. If the customer interrupts his payment, the partial payments made are cancelled and the customer is not debited

Automation of requests, reminders and notifications

Principles of scenarios :

  • The scenarios allow to automate execution of notifications (e-mail, SMS, Webhook) to payors according to defined actions.
  • They generate payment claims but also intervene at key stages of a process :
    • Notification of payment request
    • Confirmation summary of payment in installments
    • Payment failure notification and supplying of link to re-attempt payment
    • Reminder in case of exceeding payment deadline