Payment Request Profile

The profiles are linked to the Push & Pay service and to the payment requests. The profiles contain the parameters of the payment requests and the possibility to choose a scenario. They will constitute templates of already pre-made behaviors that will be automatically applied to the payment requests in which the profile will be selected. They can then be used in scheduled payment requests and mass payment requests.

In the general configuration part, it is possible to choose a name, a point of sale, a currency linked to the point of sale and a language, which will influence the language in which the information will be displayed for your customers.

In the payment methods section, it is possible to choose the nature of the payment request (Transaction, Deposit, Payment in X times, subscription or transfer).

Finally, in the options, it is possible to choose a payment limit (after which your customer will no longer be able to pay), a link expiration limit (after which your customer will no longer be able to pay through the form specifically), the possibility of choosing a scenario that will send notifications at key moments of the payment request, a payment confirmation reception email, display rules, the possibility of adding attachments and finally the possibility of automatically creating customers as soon as the profile is used.