The payout object

Payouts are configurable by the user profiles of type "Legal" in the attributes of their account. They can be set automatically or manually.

Scheduled Payout
The account holder can define the period: daily, weekly (choice of the day of the week), monthly. The PAYOUT wire the funds available at D-1.
Example for a weekly PAYOUT on tuesday :
The Tuesday, Centralpay will wire the funds avalaible untill D-1, the Monday 23:59:59.

Manuals Payout
The funds are not automatically returned and must be triggered by the holder.

Payout dates
By default funds from a credit card transaction are available at D + 2. A transaction made on Monday, appear in "pending" on Monday and Tuesday and will change to "Available" on Wednesday. An Escrow date can affect the date of availability of funds and push their use accordingly.

PAYOUT rules