SDD Transaction

An SDDTransaction is a direct account-to-account between a merchant (creditor) and a customer (debtor).

The first pre-requisite for a SDDTransaction to occurs is two bank account with the right types must exist. Only your (a merchant) account can be a creditor account. The debtor account can be created by the following process. The second pre-requisite is a Mandate must be signed by the two parts.

The steps to create a SDDTransaction

1Create a bank Account Identity (debtor)

  • Retrieve the customer informations (and evenually create a customer)
  • Once an identity created, an identityId will be generated

2Create the bank Account (with the identityId and the customer object)

  • Retrive new informations from the customer
  • Transmits it to us, with the identityId and the customerId of your customer
  • A bankAccountId will be generated at the creation

3Create a mandate (with the two bankAccountId and the customer object)

  • Multiple Mandates can be created with the two same bank accounts.
  • Determine a type of mandate (Ponctual or Recurrent).
  • Transmits to us the informations of the mandate, with the bankAccountId of the creditor, the bankAccountId of the debtor and the customerId
  • A mandateId and an OTP will be generate at the creation. The OTP will be sent at your customer via SMS.

The OTP is a secret code system the customer will receive, and it will allow you and your customer to validate or sign contract safely.

The OTP has a lifespan of 15 minutes, so it is possible to renew it with or without a new phone number.

4Sign the mandate (with the OTP)

  • Retrieve the secret code of your customer
  • Transmits it to us, with the mandateId
  • By this action, the mandate is regarded as sign by the two parts

5.1Create a SDDTransaction (with the mandate)

  • You can now create a SDDTransaction.
  • Configure your SDDTransaction, by enquire your wanted informations, and join the mandateId
  • For more safety, you can force an OTP for he validation of each SDDTransaction : in this case, an OTP will be generated at the creation and sent at your customer via SMS. A sddTransactionId will also be generated at the creation.
  • By default, the validation of the SDDTransaction is automatic.

5.2Validate the SDDTransaction (if an OTP validation has been configured)

  • This step is necessary if you configured an OTP validation for the SDDTransaction
  • Retrieve the secret code of your customer
  • Transmits it to us, with the sddTransactionId .
  • By this action, the SDDTransaction is regarded as validated and will be executed.

Here is the schema of the SDDTransaction, and for more technical informations you can visit the associate documentation

And the schema of the SDDTransaction, if an OTP validation is configured :