The subscription object

It allows you to define recurring payment cycles on one of your "customers". They are defined by setting a subscription model:

  • Interval unit (day / week / month)
  • Interval count (distance between two interval counts)
  • Interraction count (number of times the cycle is repeated)

This object allows you to easily create subscriptions by deciding on the frequency, the duration, the currency, and the subscription model. It allows you to associate one or more subscriptions to a customer, to register one or more cards per customer and to ensure the continuity of the subscription even in case of a change or a card expiration.

For example, you can manage regular schedules, subscription plans for use or pay-as-you-go models, one-time payments in addition to the subscription.

Concretely, the subscription object allows you to define recurring payment cycles with a subscription on one of your customer. You can create them by defining a subscription model.

The "SubscriptionModel" can be defined as objects representing a cost, a currency and a billing cycle.

You can define one or more SubscriptionModel, depending on the range of services and products you offer.

Useful definitions for this part:

  • SubscriptionModel: template or subscription plan
  • Subscription: subscription applied to a customer and following a SubscriptionModel
  • Invoice: option to use if you need to change the value inside a subscription plan
  • InvoiceItem: line or item included in the invoice. A bill potentially has multiple lines or items