Technical support tickets

Before creating a ticket

Some points you can check beforehand :

  • Authentification : are you rightly authenfied?
  • Environment : are you on the right backoffice and api environment ?
  • Authorization : Do you have the necessary authorizations to realise your operation? Do you have an http 403 error (authorization error) ?
  • Http error : Do you have an http error code ? (ref-api http code)

If you have a 500 error code, please contact the technical support immediately!


Information to be given

  • Dates and hours of events
  • Link (url) of web page(s) where you have witness a problem
  • One or more screenshots, ideally a video (Cloudapp allows you to make a video of a Google Chrome browser page)
  • An uuid (or id) of operations (transactions, refunds, payments, etc…), with his name.

These informations you can provide will allow us to help you more efficiently.