Transactions status


The transaction has a "success" status when an application for authorization has been issued by the bank. The bank return code is = 0.
Transaction Success can be Capture. If Capture is not done, the card is not debited. You have 7 calendar days to capture a Transaction Success


This status indicates that a transaction encountered a blacklisted element. It can be an IP, a phone number, an email address, or a card number.


If you "capture" a transaction success, Centralpay wil send charge the card and send the operation to CLEARING


The transaction has a "failure" status when the authorization has not been issued by the Bank issuing the card. You will receive in addition the code (Bank Code < 100)
See the return codes



This status is the cancellation of a capture request before it is cleared. It is possible to cancel a transaction between the transaction status success and cleared.



The 3D authentification has failed. The card holder has submitted an incorrect code.



This status indicates that a transaction has been been debited on your customer's card. At this step, you can't Cancell it but you can still REFUND it.



The transaction has been refused because it encountered an element of an acceptance rule.