Transfer types

1Manual Asynchronous Mode (only available for agents)

The "platform" account carries out the transaction on behalf of one or more beneficiaries, then during a second stage makes POST-/transfer actions to pay the funds on the dedicated accounts. The asynchronous mode is then triggered after the transaction as a BATCH.


Post Transaction -> In the currency of the post transfer authorization (once per account)-> in settlement currency (payout).

Check the balance available when you make a transfer because you can only transfer funds actually available.

2Auto Synchronous Mode

The "platform" account carries out a transaction by indicating, with new parameters, the dedicated accounts and their respective parts in order to automatically trigger POST/transfer actions on the agreed date. The amounts to be reversed are indicated in the transaction and therefore calculated by the initiator.


POST transaction (mt1 for ss-marchand1, mt2 for ss-marchand2…) -> in settlement currency (payout)


transfer[] = { "destinationWalletId": "89fe34c9-5731-44bf-8451787e9ad8a72a", "amount": 100 }
transfer[] = { "destinationWalletId": "fe385c40-bbe7-4aec-ae5b0a832241eb73", "amount": 40, "fee": 5 }

Integrate the CentralPay service fees (Interchange ++) into the fees calculation. You can only transfer a net amount that has enough money to settle our expenses.

Feasible Operations

It is possible to realize automatic transfers when they are associated to transactions or WireTransfer objects. It is therefore possible, for example, to make a single authorization (transaction with capture = 0) and to initiate a transfer up to 7 days after when the transaction status turns to capture = 1

To perform this operation it is necessary to link together the initial operational source carried out and thus to specify the sourceType and sourceId attributes.

String (36)

Identifier of the transfer source

Required: no
Note: Transaction's UUID Format

Validation: Authorized for merchant
The status of the transaction must be CLEARED or CAPTURED




Required: yes (if the HTTP parameter sourceId is set)