Values correspond to comparison aspects you define in relation to the attributes. The value is characterised according to the attribute and, therefore, the type of corresponding operator.

According to the type of operator, the syntax for defining the value will not be the same:

Type of values Syntax
Integer Example: [...] = 100
Double The value is defined with a full stop before the decimal.
Example: [...] = 12.32
String The value is defined between simple quotation marks '.
Example: [...] = 'FRA'
Boolean The value is true or false.
Example: [...] = false

For string-like values, according to the attribute selected, the syntax of the value must comply with specific standards.

For attributes such as countries (_country), values are strings of characters and must comply with the standard ISO 3166-1 alpha-3.

For monetary-like attributes (_currency), values are strings and must comply with standard ISO 4217.

Values for attributes such as card commercial brand or the IP region (ip_region), values are strings and correspond to values from a completed list, defined in the list of attributes.